Our Team

Luka Schmidt is a renowned expert in the realm of trucks, boasting an extensive background that spans over two decades. His journey into the world of trucks began at a young age, fueled by a fascination with the intricate mechanics and the powerful presence of these vehicles. Over the years, Luka transformed his passion into a career, dedicating himself to mastering every facet of trucks—from understanding different types, to delving into the nuances of maintenance, cleaning, styling, and even the intricate process of building trucks from the ground up.

Luka’s expertise is not just rooted in academic study or passive observation; it’s built on hands-on experience and a deep, practical understanding of trucks. He spent years working in various capacities related to trucks, from maintenance shops to design teams, where he honed his skills and gathered a wealth of knowledge. This diverse experience has equipped him with a unique perspective on how trucks operate, how they can be maintained in peak condition, and how they can be custom-built to meet specific needs.

What sets Luka apart is his ability to communicate complex truck-related concepts in an accessible and engaging manner. He has a talent for breaking down intricate subjects into understandable insights, making the world of trucks approachable for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Whether it’s troubleshooting a common maintenance issue or exploring the latest trends in truck design, Luka’s guidance is always practical, clear, and informed by a deep well of experience.

Luka is passionate about sharing his knowledge and helping others navigate the sometimes complex landscape of truck ownership and interest. He believes in the power of informed decisions, especially when it comes to selecting, maintaining, and customizing trucks. Through his writings and contributions, he offers solutions to common problems, shares the latest innovations in truck technology, and provides advice on everything from basic upkeep to advanced modifications.

For those interested in the topic of trucks, Luka Schmidt is a treasure trove of information and insights. His dedication to educating others about trucks makes him a valuable resource for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of these vehicles, solve specific truck-related problems, or simply share in the passion for one of the world’s most dynamic and evolving modes of transportation.

Email: luka@struckwithtrucks.com